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Mass flow meter testing and maintenance methods

1, inspection of working parameters

During the use of the flowmeter, it should always pay attention to whether the set working parameters have changed, whether the displayed flow, density, and temperature values are normal. If there is a large difference between the actual and the actual, the method described in the instruction manual can be used. Perform zero flow calibration again. If the above work still does not feel normal after completion, you should check whether the working parameters set inside the transmitter are correct.

2, Observe the flowmeter's fault indication regularly.

Depending on the model, specifications, and manufacturer of the flowmeter, the fault display method and contents vary. For different fault alarm indications, check the product instruction manual to determine the cause of the fault and handle it.

3, regular comprehensive inspection and maintenance

For the flowmeter in use, it should be thoroughly inspected regularly: from the appearance of the sensor, the degree of installation, the vibration of the process pipeline, the indication of the transmitter and the display instrument, etc., and the problems should be dealt with in a timely manner.

4, create a flowmeter file

In order to ensure long-term reliable operation of the flowmeter, the user should establish a flowmeter file, record each inspection, maintenance and verification in detail and load it into the file for better maintenance and use in the future.

5, maintenance for easy scaling fluid measurement

The flow meter measures the fouling (such as scaling and waxing) fluid. It should always check the operation of the device. When the flowmeter is found to be working abnormally or the deviation is large, the possibility of scaling in the sensor should be considered first. The sensor should be used. Remove it and use appropriate methods such as purging or cleaning.

6, regular calibration

Regular calibration according to the application of the flowmeter and according to the requirements of the standard system.

The mass flow meter features high precision and high stability. In order to maintain these characteristics of the mass flow meter, it is necessary to check and maintain the mass flow meter from time to time. Only when the mass flow meter is in good condition can you get accurate measurement and give full play to the effect of the mass flow meter.


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