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New Products--Sandwich-typed Ultrasonic Water meter will be launched soon!!!

Low Price, High Performance, IP68 Protection

Sandwich-typed Ultrasonic Water meter


The T3 series ultrasonic water meter is a new generation of smart water meter designed for agricultural irrigation and water resource monitoring. It is an all-plastic smart water meter with nylon as the main material. It is installed in the pipe by clamping the meter body which is only 50 mm in thickness between the two flanges of the pipe.


The new generation of T3 series ultrasonic water meter uses a technology similar to that of FLEXIM company’s ultrasonic flowmeter. The transit time difference is obtained through correlation calculation of captured signal waveform, thus featuring high precision, low drift, anti-interference, stability and reliability.


The smart water meter also uses a signal acquisition hardware with a dynamic range of 30dB, so it can resist medium scaling inside the pipe and is suitable for measurement of muddy water with sediments.


This smart water meter adopts waterproof sealant and can be immersed in water.

Compared with the traditional water meter, the new meter is smaller in size, lower in failure rate, more reliable in function and cheaper in price.

The main features

1) range ratio 40:1,100:1, 200:1

2) adopt the standard: ISO4064 class B (class 2), 2% accuracy within the range

3) protection grade: IP68

4) flow rate range: 0.01m/S~8m/S

5) low initial velocity to 1 mm/s, low zero drift (value to be determined).

6) display: multiple lines simultaneously display 9-bit long accumulator, 6-bit long instantaneous quantity, signal strength, battery status, flow direction, fault, communication status, etc

7) flow unit selection: cubic meter, American gallon, liter, cubic foot, Acre Feet.

8) operation: double capacitor touch button to support sliding operation.

9) output: optional 2-channel OCT output, which can simulate the double-pulse output of mechanical water meter

10) communication interface: physically independent RS485 and infrared interface.Baud rate 2400,4800,9600 optional.Optional MBUS interface, Lora/ nb-iot wireless communication function, USART interface.

11) communication protocol: support MBUS, MODBUS, ASCII and CJ188 at the same time

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