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The variety of instruments is too complicated! A document that makes you an instrumentation expert

Chemical enterprises are inseparable from various instruments. In the process of chemical production, instruments play an important role in detecting, displaying, recording or controlling process parameters.

The detection of the process of production is the basic means of understanding and controlling industrial production. Only at all times can the entire process be accurately understood and controlled to ensure a smooth production process and produce with high productivity and low consumption. qualified products.

However, it is well known that instrumentation technology is more complicated and often has a headache for technicians who are new to chemical companies.

Now we share some instrument knowledge with you and hope that everyone will gain something.


General principles for automated instrument selection

1. Process conditions

The temperature, pressure, flow, viscosity, corrosivity, toxicity, pulsation and other factors of the process are the main conditions that determine the selection of the instrument. It is related to the rationality of the instrument selection, the service life of the instrument and the fire prevention, explosion protection, security, etc. of the workshop. problem.

2. The importance of operation

The importance of the parameters of each detection point is the basis for selecting the functions of the instrument, such as indication, recording, integration, alarm, control, and remote control. Generally speaking, variables that have little effect on the process, but need to be monitored frequently, can be selected; for important variables that need to be constantly understood, the record should be selected; and some that have a greater impact on the process, The variables to be monitored at any time shall be controlled; for variables that require measurement or economic accounting related to material accounting and power consumption, it is advisable to set up calculations; for some variables that may affect production or safety, alarms should be set.

3. Economic and unity

The selection of the instrument is also determined by the scale of the investment. The necessary economic accounting should be carried out under the premise of meeting the requirements of the process and self-control, and the appropriate performance/price ratio should be obtained.

In order to facilitate the maintenance and management of the instrument, the uniformity of the instrument should also be noted during the selection. Try to use the same series, the same specification and the same manufacturer's products.
4. Use and supply of instruments

The selected instrument should be a relatively mature product, which proves reliable performance through on-site use. At the same time, it should be noted that the selected instrument should be sufficient supply and will not affect the construction progress of the project.


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